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Coronavirus Live Update : The World Health Organization (WHO) declared that the COVID-19 will be widespread worldwide on March 11, 2020. In advance effort to stop the coronavirus outbreak, most country have shut down their schools, social engagement, hotels, park, restaurant, cinema halls, and public communications. Most nation already bans on both travelling international and domestic. Mass quarantines and lockdown are also being ensured by several countries in the world.

The coronavirus global fatality rate is 10% and mortality rate of 3.4%, so now the COVID-19 is already proven as more dangerous than the seasonal flu. The flu kills only about 0.1 percent of infected people. The death rate from the potentially deadly virus was nearing 90,000 on the last count, with more than 1,365,500 people conformed and 292,500 making recoveries.
To response this ongoing situation you can visit the Google COVID-19 daily reports. You can also visit the live map Web Dashboard created by Johns Hopkins University (JHU) public health emergency, researchers, Maryland, US, in January 2020 to check the coronavirus spreading across the world. Visiting the page you can see Coronavirus LIVE States and Track Real-time Global Cases with Interactive Map. You can also watch Coronavirus Live Update visiting 
You can bookmark coronavirus live update pages clicking the link above. So that you can track coronavirus live streaming about on coronavirus total cases, coronavirus total conformed and coronavirus total deaths.
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