Samsung Galaxy S20 – S20 Plus – S20 Ultra 5G Price and Specification

Samsung Galaxy S20 – Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus – Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Price and Specification ||

With just over a week left before the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S20s. The new Samsung GalaxyS series is going to be referred to as the S20 series, not the S11s. We’re in the year 2020. It looks like Samsung is Back with a King Update with that, because we do have quite significant updates compared to last year. This is all but confirmed. We’ve already seen the S20 branding on some leaked renders, as well as a boot up screen on an S20+ device.
Samsung Galaxy S20
Now, this year, like we had last year, we are going to have three Samsung Galaxy S20 devices, the S20, the S20plus, as well as the S20 Ultra. Now, the S20 and the S20plus are going to come in 4G
or 5G versions, but it looks like according to rumors the S20 Ultra is just going to be available in a 5G version. 
Samsung S20 Display: Now, let’s talk about displays, so firstly,the
sizes, the S20 is going to be the smallest with a 6.2-inch display. The S20plus with a 6.7-inch display, and the S20 Ultra with a massive 6.9-inch display. We’re almost getting into tablet size category here,but of course, the bezels are going to be very, very small, smaller than what we’ve had in previous years. This is going to give usa 20 by nine aspect ratio, which is also slightly longer compared to what we had in 2019.
All of these displays are going to be Dynamic AMOLED displays with quad HD plus resolution, so they’re going to be sharp,vibrant, some of the best displays in the market, and this year, they are all definitely will work with 120 Hertz
refresh rates. 
This is something that Samsung didn’t include last year, so very excited to have that smooth refresh rateon the new S20s, however,there is a catch.From all the leaks and rumors that we’ve seen right now it seems like when you do go
on to 120 Hertz, you are going to be limited to full HD plus, not quad HD plus, so details aren’t getting to be as sharp. 
Samsung S20 Build Information: Some of you may be pleased to know that although the devices are going to have curved
displays, they’re not going to be as curved as what we’ve had in previous years. The recent trend seems to be waterfall displays, which are very, very curved towards the edges, but it looks like Samsung is actually going away from that, and going for something that’s still curved, but not as curved as before. We’re still going to have a metal and glass sandwich. However, for the Samsung Galaxy S20 and 
Samsung Galaxy S20plus, the frame is going to be aluminum, and for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.
We are going to have a stainless steel frame, being the more premium device. All of the devices will be IP 68 water and dust resistant, but we do have a major improvement, and that’s that you’re going to be able to submerge these in water up to 5 meters, which may be a big improvement compared to the around 1.5 meters that we’ve had in previous years. 
Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera: This is where things get very, very exciting! so firstly, the camera design is very different from what we’ve had previously. This is getting to get on the left-handed side, and it’s getting to be an oblong camera module. Now, for the cameras themselves, the S20 and the S20+ have very similar camera setups, so we’ve got three main cameras, and the primary camera is going to be 12 megapixels. Now, this is going to have a larger sensor size compared to what we’ve had in previous years.
The S20+ is also is additionally getting to have a time-of-flight sensor. This is something that we’re not going to have on the regular S20. Time-of-flight sensors help with depth information, so this should give you better portraits on the S20plus, but the biggest improvements come on the S20 Ultra, and that’s because the primary camera is a 108 megapixel camera.This is using Samsung’s new sensor, and
that amount of resolution is going to be absolutely insane. 
There’s also an improvement for the telephoto camera. This is going to be using periscope 10 times optical and 100 times digital 48 megapixels zoom. This is double of the periscope zoom that we saw introduced by Huawei P30 Pro in 2019. It’s going to let you get in super, super close. I cannot wait to test these cameras out. That means we’re waiting to get 8K with up to 30 frames per second across all these devices which is absolutely insane.
The S20+ is also is additionally getting to have a time-of-flight sensor. This is something that we’re not going to have on the regular S20. Time-of-flight sensors help with depth information, so this should give you better portraits on the S20plus, but the biggest improvements come on the S20 Ultra, and that’s because the primary camera may be a 108 megapixel camera.This is using Samsung’s new sensor, which amount of resolution goes to be absolutely insane.
Samsung Galaxy S20 System Specification: All right, now, let’s talk a little bit about the internals. Samsung Galaxy S20 devices are going to be powered by either the Qual comm Snapdragon 865 chip sets, or Samsung’s Exynos 990. So it looks like once again this year, we might still have some in consistency between the performance of the devices. I’m going to try to get a hold of both variants. I’m confident that these are going to be some of the fastest devices out there. For RAM, we’ve got 12 Giga bytes as a base for all of these, but the S20 Ultra, once again, going larger than life, and it’s going to have a variant with up to 16 gigabytes of RAM. For storage, it looks like the S20 and S20+ are going to come with a base of 128
gigabytes with an option of 256 gigabytes available. 
The S20 Ultra, once again, 128 gigabyte space, but up to 512 gigabytes. All of these are going to have UFS 3.0 storage, they’re going to be super fast, as well as micro SD card support. So that is sort of interesting that each one of those are rumored to possess the micro SD card support, which may mean that you are going to be ready to get a maximum of 1.5 terabytes of storage on the S20 Ultra. which is absolutely insane.
Samsung Galaxy S20 Audio: From all the leaks, rumors, and renders, its like Samsung will improve to the 3.5 MM audio jacks. On the Samsung S series, the S10s last year were the last ones to support this. This is now time to mention goodbye, however, we are getting to have USB-C earphones, tuned by AKG, out of the box on all of those devices, as well as there are speakers tuned by AKG. Now, Samsung is also going to be announcing the Galaxy Buds plus. This is the second version of their Galaxy Buds, which I’ve really been a big fan of, however, it looks like these are not going to have active noise cancellation.
Samsung Galaxy S20 Advanced Finger Print Function: Now, for the fingerprint scanner, it looks like Samsung is still sticking to the ultra sonic in-display fingerprint scanner that we had last year, and they’re not going to be going for Qual comm’s 3D Sonic Max. which I was definitely hoping for. This gives you a much larger area, and it also gives you two finger support for extra security, however, unfortunately, this is not going to be coming to the S20 series. Maybe it’ill be coming to the Note 20 series.
Samsung Galaxy S20 Battery Power Improvement: Samsung Galaxy S20 Battery Power Improvement: The good news is that all of these devices are going to be packing some big, big batteries. The S20 coming in with 4,000 MAH, 4,500 for the S20 Plus and the S20 Ultra coming in with a massive 5,000 MAH. All of those are getting to support fast charging 25 watts out of the box and there could also be a 45-watt charger available that you’d need to buy separately. All devices are going to support fast wireless charging, as well as reverse wireless charging, where you’re going to be able to charge other devices like the Galaxy Buds Plus on the S20s.
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Release Date: Right, so when are we officially going to hear about the S20s? Well, the Unpacked date is set for the 11th of Feb 2020. 
Samsung Galaxy S20 Price: Pricing is still a bit of a question mark, but we’re looking at between Samsung Galaxy S20 Price $900 to $1,000Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Price between $1,000 to $1,100 and Samsung Galaxy Ultra Price $1,200 to $1,300.
Now, these will, vary depending on your region, and the 5G variants will be more expensive to the base. 4G variants of the S20 and S20plus, and for the release date, it looks like around the 6th of March 2020. Its quite a big gap between Unpacked and the official release of the S20s. I’m very, very excited. This is getting to be the primary big launch of the year, and it’s getting to begin a really , very interesting year within the smartphone space. I hope you enjoyed this New Samsung Galaxy S20.

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