Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Review and Fast hand Feelings

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Review & System Specification ||

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Brand new Samsung Galaxy Z flip unpacked in San Francisco for their all fans. Lets see what you will get when you are gonna buy a vertical folding phone like Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Samsung Z flip got the snapdragon 855+ and 8 gigabytes of RAM with 56 gigabytes of storage and a combined 3300 amp hour battery. The 3300 amp battery capacity is okay and it still has wireless charging system which is a ultra nice technology.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Camera:
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Price

With new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip you will get dual cameras of 112 megapixel standard and a 12 megapixel ultra wide captures. Playing with the Z flip you can see they’ve made some different design and material choices that make it a very exclusive and stylus phone in 2020. The main one being the screen is built with ultra thin folding glass not plastic and you can feel that. Whens wiping around and using this screen it’s not a soft plastic that you can almost literally dig your finger nails into it’s glass. So that’s a great advancement of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2020. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Display:
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Specification

Also Never forget to feels it’s hard and a six point seven inch 21 by 9 display 1080p OLED 60Hertz and it has that hole punch cut out for the use as best selfie camera 2020. All these things make it desire like more of a Samsung flagship than the other folding phone. But the crease, the crease to me is still major I saw it from many different angles. I used it for many different things and there’s just no way around it. it’s a very noticeable crease I would say, it’s better than the original Galaxy fold but here’s the thing since this is a vertical folding phone and the same thing goes for the razor because it’s vertical folding.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Sensor:

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip automatically recognize the user and its behavior when it’s being folded and splits in half. If you have open the camera app you can look through it your gallery and media while the top screen still remains in viewfinder mode. You can play YouTube videos on the top screen, leaving the bottom free for controls video playback or comments.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Release Date:
The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will be available on Friday, 14 February 2020 in the US and UK. Its like a happy valentines day 2020 surprise from Samsung Galaxy. Those are in Australia they have to cost it higher than US but who can pre-register online using the official Samsung website can grab the official offer.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Price:
Price is almost same like all other foldable smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip current price comes with a little high asking price of $1,380 to £1,300 but $2,050 in AU.

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